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Santana Lopez. Lima Heights born and raised. Junior at McKinley High. Cheerio. New Directions. HBIC. All around badass. xoxo

{for a roleplay, not associated with RIB or anything like that. 1x1 Brittana}
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changed url to sanny-hopez cause i’m gonna use santana-snix in a new rp. still me though :)

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Hey followers! Just to let you all know this is going to be a 1x1 Brittana rp. It’s continuing with the same plot so that’s the same. There just won’t be interaction with the others anymore :)


Paolo Nutini || Rewind

Not sleeping at night
But I’m going from bar to bar
Why can’t we just rewind?

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Hey, Santana. What's up?

Trouty. What do you want?


She Hates Me | Puddle of Mudd

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Anonymous asked:
Who would you like to be kissing under the mistletoe?

Does it even matter? Christmas is over.

Anonymous asked:
naughty or nice?

Both. I’m so good at being naughty, it’s nice.